Additional Accessibility Options

While a number of accommodations can be addressed within the curriculum and LMS, there are also additional accessibility options depending on student needs and device usage.

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Magnifiers can help students enlarge their screen, or a part of a screen, for easier viewing.  They are available in full screen, docked (half screen) or lense (part of screen) magnification.

Full or docked magnifier (Chromebook)

Full, docked, or lens Magnifier (Microsoft)

Magnifier (Apple)


Speech-to-text technology allows the user to speak aloud and have the computer document their words as text. This can be helpful for students who struggle to write longer assignments by typing or those who struggle to get their throughs down in writing.

Dictation (Chromebook)

Voice Control (Apple)

Dictation (Microsoft)


While the Accelerate lesson player incorporates a text-to-speech tool, additional add-ons can be user for non-lesson activities and pages. Text-to-speech assistive technology tools allow for certain digital pages and texts to be read aloud to the user.

Select-to-speak (Chromebook)

Immersive Reader (Microsoft)

Speak Screen (Apple devices)



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