Attendance Report

The attendance report will include a summary of time spent, activities accessed, and activities completed by students for each day in the date range selected. Additionally, a file download of detailed data, including time spent on individual activities and scores, will be available.  

Please note there may be a time delay of up to 3 hours on this report, especially during peak hours when there are many users on the system. If you require real-time data, please use Buzz reports.  

Field Definition
Start of Range / End of Range Select the date range for which you want to see student activity data and click Update Data.
Include Overlapping Time Check this box to include time a student may have spent in multiple courses at the same time (by launching different courses in multiple browser tabs).
Download Summary Report to CSV/PDF Click this link to download the summary attendance data in CSV/PDF format.
Download Detailed Report Click this link to download the detailed attendance data in CSV/PDF format. NOTE: This version of the attendance data includes overlapping time regardless of the check box is selected.



Field Definition
Student’s Name Student name in the registration system.
Course The title of the course the student is enrolled in. When the course title is clicked a popup window will display containing all activities accessed and completed during the timeframe for which the report was run. This individual enrollment report may be downloaded as a CSV or PDF file. See below for details.
Date The date that the student spent time in the course.
Duration The amount of time the student spent in the course on this date.
Activities Accessed The number of distinct activities the student accessed on this date.
Activities Completed The number of activities the student completed on this date.

Logging into Accelerate Reports, you will need to enter your “userspace”.  If you need help finding your userspace, please see this article: 

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