Buzz Platform Updates for 8/23/21

Platform Updates

Speechstream now available in assessments!

Great news! Our screen reader tool can now be enabled on assessment activities in Buzz. To ensure our course experience maintains academic integrity, the dictionary and translation tools are disabled within assessments.

The default will be for this tool to be enabled. Students will now see the below icon in the top right corner of assessments. They can click this icon to access the Speechstream toolbar and have assessment questions read aloud.


Attendance Reporting available soon for Buzz customers! 

In efforts to support program auditing requirements and teachers monitoring student activity, Accelerate Education is excited to announce a new student attendance report. This report will be made available to all customers on the Accelerate Reports site, accessible from the left menu of Buzz.

The attendance report will include a summary of time spent, activities accessed and completed for each day in the date range that the report is run for students. Additionally, a file download of detailed data including time spent on individual activities and scores will be available.

Please note, there may be up to a 3-hour time delay on this report, especially during peak hours, when there are many users on the system. If you require real-time data, please use Buzz reports.


New Observer Option in Buzz – Administrators now have the option to “Allow observers to view gated content” in the Domain Settings.  This will allow observers to view upcoming, non-assessment lessons for their students.

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