Grading and Gradebook

Can I hide the Gradebook from students?

Some schools may not rely on the course gradebook, either because they are using an external SIS as their ‘official’ gradebook and/or in instances where students may only be accessing online course materials as supplemental resources.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely suppress the gradebook in a course. The gradebook is an integral part of the online course, as it is the mechanism by which students can view their performance, teacher feedback, and assessment results.

Teachers do have the ability to ‘hide’ scores from students by using the Advanced gradebook options (via the Course Editor) to hide scores until a specified future date. This setting is on the individual activity so it would need to be set for each item in a given course. This approach is not considered to be a best practice as it prevents students from seeing their performance on the corresponding assignment or assessment prior to the established date.


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