Remediation and Enrichment

Can you use Accelerate Courses for Special Education students?

Yes. While many LS and LSS students are below grade level in at least one academic area, the Buzz LMS allows teachers to modify assignments and assessments as needed. 

A good way to manage this is to use groups.  Teachers can make changes to assignments and assessments that are specific by grouping and won’t affect those not in that group.  Groupings are not visible to the student or observer but instead are a tool used to differentiate learning.  Special Education teachers can be added as “teachers” to a general education course to manage accommodations. 

 Teachers can also create student-specific “for me” assignments that are created for that student specifically and can be gradable or non gradable.  Those assignments will show up on the students’ To-Do List and are managed through the Clipboard feature. 

 The modification features above are covered during the Advanced Teacher Training. 

 If students would normally be in a “Pull Out” situation in the classroom, a special education teacher can have their own course section to meet the needs of their students. 

**Students needing an unlimited time on assessments (none of our quizzes come with time limits)  or limited options on multiple-choice questions can have those modifications made by the admin at the User level. 

Creating Groups: 

 Individual Remediation via Clipboard:  

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