Curriculum Updates

Curriculum Updates for 7/20/21

SY21-22 Course Setup  

As you prepare for the coming term, make sure your program has obtained the latest SY21-22 course releases.
For a full list of new and re-mastered courses, click here.
Buzz customers: customers hosted by Accelerate can copy the latest courses to their domain(s) using the SY21-22 Course Creation Template.
Subscription Buzz customers: copies of all new and refreshed course titles will be added to your subscription domain. Please be sure to copy these down to your domain before creating your SY21-22 course sections.
Schoology and Brightspace customers: schools accessing Accelerate courses on these platforms via Publish Anywhere are encouraged to take new cartridges of all courses for SY21-22, regardless of whether the course has been re-published for the coming year. This will ensure that your students and teachers benefit from any updates that have been pushed out throughout the year.
Canvas customers: schools accessing Accelerate courses on Canvas are encouraged to take new cartridges of all courses for SY21-22, regardless of whether the course has been re-published for the coming year. A number of updates have been to our courses to better optimize the Canvas user experience.

If you need assistance with accessing or setting up your SY21-22 courses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


Notes & Bookmarks 

Last year, Accelerate announced that we would be phasing out use of the embedded notes & bookmarks feature in our courses. This functionality was deemed redundant with similar note-taking features available in Buzz. This Spring we removed the associated module study guides from all of our courses but left available the direct links to notes and bookmarks on our lesson pages. On July 22nd, we will be fully retiring these features, at which time the lesson page links to these tools will no longer be visible to or accessible by students.  See our video tutorial on taking notes HERE.

About Me Activity 

In the past, each Accelerate course has contained a standard About Me activity in the Resources folder of the course. The intent of this activity was to allow teachers to get to know more about their students, and for teachers to collect contact information for their students so they could better support them throughout the duration of the course. We received feedback from many of our district partners that this course activity was not wanted/needed and that students enrolled in multiple online courses were frustrated that they needed to complete the same activity in each course. We appreciate and value this feedback and are in the process of removing this activity from all of our courses. The activity has been omitted from all new and updated courses released this year. Over the next three weeks, it will be removed from all other course titles in our catalog.

Participation Activity 

Each Accelerate course includes a final Participation activity that students are asked to submit as part of their participation grade in the course. The purpose of this item in the gradebook is to afford teachers the ability to award a grade for participation as part of a student’s overall class grade. It is also a trigger that serves to notify the online teacher that a student has fully completed the course and is ready for the teacher to calculate their final grade. For customers hosted on Accelerate’s instance of Buzz, we have automated a course completion process around this trigger so that when a teacher grades the final participation activity, the student’s final grade is calculated and awarded, the student’s status is changed to ‘completed’, and the student’s end date is updated to reflect the date of course completion. Unfortunately, in courses where this automation is set, inadvertently hiding or removing the Participation activity in a course can cause students to be graded out of a course prematurely. In order to mitigate this risk, the participation activity is being moved out of the final course module/folder and into a separate module labeled ‘Participation Activity: Do Not Hide or Delete’. This change has already been made to all new and updated courses released this year. Over the next three weeks, the update will be applied to all remaining course titles in our catalog.

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