Gradebook Overview

To navigate to the Gradebook tool, you may click on the gradebook icon found on the course card of the Teacher App (home page) or select the course you want from the Main Menu and then select Gradebook.

This tool includes four main screens:

  • Grades provides a table view of students (rows), activities (columns), and each student’s score on each graded activity in the intersecting cells. You can click on a student’s name to see what the student sees in their gradebook.
    • Visible information can be adjusted by selecting “Display options” from the top icon bar.
  • Mastery lets you review the class’ objective mastery. Here, you see each objective that is linked to one or more course activity listed along with an indication of how well the class, as a whole, is progressing.
    • This tab does not appear if you have not defined objectives for the course.
  • Unit Summary displays each student’s progress in completing the activities (graded and non-graded) in the course, as a whole, as well as their progress in each course.
  • For Me displays all personalized activities (choice activities, self-assigned tasks, and teacher-assigned Clipboard tasks and activities) for each student on the date it was assigned. Select the activities from the table to review and/or grade them.

From the Grades tab:

  1. Click Display Options in the toolbar to choose the columns and other display details you want on the
  2. Click Enable quick-edit grading in the toolbar to enter scores directly into the Grades
  3. Click Tools to Import Scores, Export Scores, and Go to final grades.
  4. Click a student to see and/or print their individual gradebook
  5. Click an assignment to open the Activity Grader and Analytics for that
  6. Click a specific cell to open the Grade Editor for a particular student
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