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How can a teacher proxy as a student?

The ability to Proxy as a student in Buzz is a domain-level permission that is generally reserved for domain administrators. The Proxy permission allows a user to impersonate another domain user and to sign in and make changes on behalf of this user. It is a powerful domain permission and should be used with caution.

A domain administrator may grant teachers the ability to proxy as a student by assigning a custom domain-level permission to the teacher’s user account. For more information about the various domain roles and permissions available, please see this article.

If the Proxy permission is granted to a teacher, to sign in and Proxy as a student, the teacher would:

  • Open the User Menu by clicking on your profile picture.
  • Click Proxy.

  • Enter: The user ID of the student you want to Proxy.

  • Click OK.

When you are signed in as someone’s proxy, your profile picture will overlay the profile picture of the user you’re proxying for.

To turn off the proxy, click Unproxy in the User Menu.

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