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How do I verify my email and mobile phone number?

The video above walks users through the process of verifying their email and mobile phone numbers for the Buzz LMS. Be sure to “Follow” the “What’s New” section from Agilix Buzz for ongoing updates on this matter:

Communication Items Needing to be Verified (if enabled at the domain level):

 – The primary email address on a user account.

 – The notification email address on a user account.

 – The notification cell phone number on a user account.

Users will only be prompted to verify each unique email address once.

Important Notes:

  • Districts using Accelerate teachers should NOT disable email across their domain as our teachers will have no ability to communicate with their students.
  • This is a ONE-TIME verification. Unless contact information changes next year, it will not have to be verified again.
  • All new users will need to have their contact information verified. This process is being worked into our training sessions.
  • This will impact all users – teachers, admins, and learning coaches as well as students.
  • An unverified user will not be able to use the forgot password feature after 4/8.
  • After April 8th – a teacher sends a communication to a student with an unverified email address, the teacher will be alerted that the message couldn’t be delivered.
  • Be sure to “Follow” the “What’s New” section from Buzz for ongoing updates:

(Updated 3/26/2021)

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