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K-5 Workbook Orders

Target Audience: Administrators

Accelerate offers schools the option to purchase print workbooks for students in core K-5 subject areas. Workbooks can be ordered in bulk and delivered to the school for subsequent distribution to students, or they can be ordered and direct shipped to students.

Preparing Your Order

Schools must place orders for workbooks using the appropriate order form.  All orders must adhere to the template exactly or they will fail at time of import to our order system. Please ensure you are using the correct order form so that the appropriate ISBN is ordered.

          SY2024-2025 Order Form ** NEW **

          SY2024-2025 Bundle Order Form (to order Grade-Level 8-Book Bundles)  ** NEW **

    • Customer Name – this is the name of your district or program.
    • Student ID – this is an optional field, but when provided allows the school to search orders by student ID.
    • Business Name – this field is only required if workbooks are delivered to a school or business address.
    • Recipient Name – First and last name of the individual to whom the workbooks are being sent. This can be the student, a parent/guardian, or a school representative.
    • Email – this is an optional field. If an email address is provided, the user will receive an automated confirmation email (with tracking information) when their order is shipped. The confirmation email will generate from
    • Address Line 1 – this is a required field.
    • Address Line 2 – this is an optional field but must be used if there is an apartment or building number that must be noted on the address.
    • City – this is a required field.
    • State – this should be the 2-digit state abbreviation.
    • Zip Code – this is a required field.
    • Country – this must be US.
    • Phone Number – this is a required field and is needed in the event the shipper (i.e., UPS, FedEx) needs to contact the recipient about their delivery. A school phone number may be listed in lieu of a student number if desired.
    • Workbook Title – please choose the workbook title from the drop down menu provided.
    • ISBN – this will auto-populate based on the workbook title entered in the previous column.
    • QTY – this is a required field and must be a whole number of 1 or more.


Please double check the accuracy of your order prior to submitting. Upon receipt, your order will be processed into our fulfillment system exactly as you have submitted it and your program will be billed for all workbooks ordered – including any errors which result from an incorrect order.

If your program has pre-purchased workbooks, they will be billed for any workbooks ordered which exceed the prepaid quantity.

There are no refunds or returns on physical workbooks.

Submitting Your Order

Once the order template has been filled out, administrators may submit the file via our ONLINE ORDER SUBMISSION TOOL.

After You Order

Orders will be fulfilled within approximately 10 business days.

Once an order has been processed, recipients for whom a valid email address was provided will receive a confirmation email from This email will include the shipment tracking number and estimated delivery date. The subject line will read A Mimeo package is on its way.