Platform Updates

Platform Updates for 7/20/21

Account Verification (Buzz LMS)
For customers hosted on the Buzz platform, please be aware that Buzz is in the final stage of implementing a more secure email and phone number verification process to ensure that any messages delivered from the LMS are only sent to verified accounts.  See our tutorial on verifying accounts HERE.

  • July 15: Yellow warning banner re-enabled; messages will still be delivered to unverified addresses
    • Any user who is unverified will see the banner at login.
    • The banner will disappear once a user has verified their email address and/or phone number (where applicable).
    • If a domain has disabled both the mail and notification features, no banner will be displayed for their domain users.
    • Administrators can verify school email addresses on behalf of their users from the user menu or via the Buzz API.
  • August 19: 2-week grace period begins; messages will still be delivered to unverified addresses
    • Beginning August 19, the first message sent to a user’s unverified account will be accompanied by another message informing the user that their account is unverified and that they have 2 weeks to verify it before they will no longer receive messages from Buzz.
  • September 2: Enforcement of email and phone verification
    • Any unverified email address or phone number will no longer receive messages sent from Buzz.


Student Phone Number field on User Records (Buzz LMS)
Beginning next week, customers hosted on Accelerate’s instance of Buzz will have a new custom field displayed on all User records to capture student phone numbers. This field will only be visible to domain administrators. The field is being added for the specific purpose of capturing student contact phone numbers for students who are being instructed by an Accelerate Education teacher. Because our teachers don’t have access to district student information systems, our teachers don’t have the ability to access student contact information beyond what is provided to them in Buzz. They relied on the About Me activity in their courses to collect that information, but with the sunset of those activities, we needed another place for districts to convey this information. Districts who are providing their own virtual teachers do not need to populate this information for their users.

(Please note that this custom field will NOT generate a verification warning to users because it will not be used for any automated system messaging.)

Have you received your updated LTI credentials?
Accelerate will be issuing new LTI keys and secrets to all customers for SY21-22. For customers hosted on Accelerate’s instance of Buzz, we will take care of updating the associated LTI tool configuration for your domain(s). For customers accessing our courses on their own instance of Buzz or on another platform (Canvas, Moodle, etc.), we will be sending out updated secrets and keys to you this month. Please note that while your LTI credentials will be updated, the integration itself will continue to rely on LTI 1.1 specifications.




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