Administrative Actions

Update Enrollments (start, end dates and status)

If you need to make bulk updates to enrollment dates (start and/or end) or enrollment status (changing a student from “active” to “completed”), you can do so by importing a new batch enrollment file.

Follow along with this how-to video or the step by step directions below.

To update enrollment:

  1. Pull an Enrollment CSV report from your domain homepage:

2. Delete all columns except enrollment id (column A)

3. Click on “A” to highlight column and right-click to “Insert” a new column

to the left.

  1. Add the word “Action” in the new cell A1 and “edit” in A2. Drag the word “edit” down to the end of your enrollments.

  1. Remove the period and add a space in “” in cell B1:

  1. Click on “C1” to add the header for the update you would like to make. In this case, we are updating the status to “Completed”

  1. Save file on your desktop.

8. Go back into your domain homepage and select the 3 dots in the top right

– select “Import Enrollments”

  1. Choose the file you created from your computer then click “Next”:

  1. Any errors will show at the bottom of the page. If you do not see any indication of errors, click “Import”:

11. Your enrollments should now be updated.

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