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What is the difference between a Continuous and a Range enrollment course?

Continuous enrollment courses are individually paced. Enrollment start and end dates are defined for each student, and dates may vary from student to student in the course.

Range enrollment courses are set to run for all students using the same start date, end date, and activity due dates.

Course Type Continuous Range
Activity Due Dates Due dates are calculated by the system based on a student’s enrollment start and end dates.

Because due dates may vary by student, they cannot be modified by the teacher.

Due dates must be set by the online teacher for each activity in each course. Due dates are the same for all class participants.

Alternatively, due dates may be omitted/left blank in the course.

Calendar and To Do The calendar and to do list will vary by user and will reflect the system calculated pacing for the student. The calendar and to do list will be the same for all enrolled users in a course.

The calendar and to do list will not reflect any items for which no due date has been set.

This Course Type may be best for: Courses with open entry/open exit enrollment policies.

Courses with fluid enrollments.

Courses where teachers do not want to manually set item due dates.

Courses where students will be moving sequentially through the course and will be expected to complete all course activities.

Courses where students will move through the course as a cohort.

Courses where teachers want the ability to set/modify due dates for the entire class.

Courses where teachers want to omit due dates altogether.

Courses where teachers will be using curriculum as a blended learning tool and will not be asking students to complete all assignments in a course.

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