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What is the difference between a Gated versus Ungated course?

Each Accelerate course is structured around a set scope and sequence.  In a Gated course, students are led through the course in a sequential manner. Each activity is “gated” and is only made accessible to the student upon completion of the previous activity. (Students may ALWAYS go back to review any activities previously completed, but they may not jump ahead to future activities.)

In an Ungated course, students may move freely through the course and will have access to all activities at all times.

Gating is controlled at the individual activity level within a course. In order to Gate an item:

  • Go into the Course Editor.
  • Select the Activity that you wish to Gate/Ungate.
  • Go into the Activity Settings and navigate to the Advanced Activity Options.
  • Checking this box will Gate the item, and unchecking the box will Ungate the item.

By default, Accelerate courses are set up with Gating enforced. Ungated course versions can be loaded to your domain upon request.

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