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What suggestions do you have for a successful launch of my school’s virtual program?

Below are just a few recommended steps we suggest for a successful program launch:

  • Be sure all of the necessary staff members attend the training sessions to learn how to successfully implement the courses and navigate the platform.





  • Host a virtual orientation for families and students to address initial questions and set the stage for expectations.


  • Establish regularly occurring program-wide sessions to share tips, updates, and announcements.


  • Here are links that you can share as resources for getting started with your families:

Student K5 Quick Start

Student 6-12 Quick Start


  • Share out the Learning Coach Support Site before, during, and after launching your online program. Families can gain a deeper understanding of your virtual program before they even begin class.


  • Once your students have begun class, teachers could/should have open office hours to provide time for questions. This will encourage families to ask questions at the office hour, rather than in many emails.


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