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What to do if a student speeds ahead in their course and needs to be directed back to an earlier part of the course?

This video short will review the process necessary to un-complete graded assignments in the Buzz LMS.

Sometimes students who are move advanced, may need acceleration and one of the benefits of working in a digital curriculum is the personalized pacing.  However, sometimes the student is either not using their calendar to help with pacing or they are just trying to get through the course to finish and is not properly completing all lesson items.  These students likely d0 not properly obtain the necessary content to successfully master the course.

The first step should involve the teacher reaching out to the student and/or learning coach and determine the purpose for the acceleration.  Work out a plan of action to redirect the student back to properly re-do necessary items in the course.

For gated courses, the teacher can then un-complete any necessary graded items to force the student back to re-do these items. Please note that teachers are unable to un-complete instructional lessons that the student has marked complete.

  1. From the course gradebook, go to the earliest assignment you want to un-complete.
  2. Click on the assignment cell for the desired student.
  3. Click “Allow Retry”
  4. Click the same cell again.
  5. Click “Override Complete” (this will take you back to the gradebook).
  6. Click the same cell again.
  7. Click “Clear” and “Un-Complete”

The current score will still appear, however, students will notice the check no longer appears for that assignment and when they try to move on later in the course, they will be redirected back to that assignment.

All score attempts can be viewed under “Submission History” by clicking on the cell from the gradebook again.



Here are some suggestions for processes teachers can take to encourage proper pacing.

  • Check student progress daily via the People Tab and Gradebook to make sure students are staying on pace and not moving too far ahead or falling behind. It is much easier to correct when caught early.
  • Password protect module folders or exams with individual, unique passwords (do not bulk update with the same password) in the assignment settings.  You can then either distribute the password to individual students or uncheck the password protection box when you are ready for all students to progress.
  • You can also create a “Coming Soon” folder that is password protected. As you approach the date on which you want students to have access to the module content, you can drag that content out of the “Coming Soon” folder to allow student access.
  • The Participation module should always be password protected until you are ready for your students to be completed out of the course.

Please be sure to have attended or viewed the advanced teacher training prior to making any setting changes.

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