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OnDemand Resources

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It is not always possible to attend live training and full training is not always needed. This page is dedicated to providing access to several asynchronous options.

  • OnDemand Options – these are interactive modularized topics. The number of OnDemand options will continue to grow over time, so check back often.
  • Recorded Webinars – these are perfect for those who missed a live training or wish to revisit a session.
  • Video Short Library – single topic videos typically between 2 – 5 minutes.

Training is never “one-and-done.” Use the links to the right to connect with an expert as needed throughout the year.

Video Shorts

Admin - Enrollment Actions (Buzz)

Reports & Data (Buzz)

Administrators - OnDemand Resources

OnDemand Activities

Getting Started Introduction (15 min)

  • The Student View
  • Your Implementation
  • Schedule Live Training – Ignore this questionnaire if your program has completed onboarding and training.

Recorded Webinars - Initial Training

Recorded Webinars - Functionality

(1) Administrator Reporting (Buzz)

  • Dashboard Data
  • Course Data
  • User Data
  • LMS Reports

(2) End of Semester Transitions (Buzz)

  • Schoolwide planning and expectations
  • Grade-out steps
  • Verifying grade out complete
  • Prepping for the next semester

(3) Grading Periods (Buzz)

  • Considerations
  • Implementation Options
    • Grade impact of each
    • Visibility (student and teacher views)
  • Actions
    • Teacher
    • Administrator

Recorded Webinars - Professional Development

(1) Admin Panel Discussion – A Changing Education Landscape

(2) Collaborating with Learning Coaches

  • Supporting Families
  • Establishing Internal Plan First

(3 ) Managing Teacher-Student Caseloads

  • Factors to Consider
  • Monitoring Teacher Loads
  • Supporting Teachers

(4) Our Current Reality – Online Learning is Here to Stay!

  • Intentional Planning vs. Crisis Implementation
  • Addressing Professional Development vs. Burnout
  • Weights & Balances: % of Budget Allocations

Teachers - OnDemand Resources

OnDemand Activities

Select the appropriate Part 1 option based on the Learning Management System in which your school is hosting Accelerate Education content. If you are unsure, please ask your administrator.

Part 1: Teacher Training Buzz LMS (30-45 min)

Part 1:Teacher Training Canvas LMS (20-25 Min)

Part 1: Teacher Training Schoology LMS (30-35 min)

Recorded Webinars - Functionality

(1) Teacher Refresher SY 22-23 (Buzz) – Designed for teachers who have taught AE curriculum on Buzz in previous years.

  • Updates
  • Course Setting Review
  • Buzz Platform Tips & Review
  • Grading Templates & People Tool
  • Accelerate Reports
  • Accommodations & Groups

(2) Accommodations for Special Populations (Buzz)

  • Accommodation by Design
  • Admin Responsibilities
  • Group Associations
  • Assessment Settings

(3) End of Semester Transitions (Buzz)

  • Schoolwide expectations
  • Grade-out steps
  • Final grade pull

(4) Understanding Your Course Settings (Buzz)

  • Features available
  • Setting cautions

Recorded Webinars - Initial Training

All Platforms:

Curriculum & Best Practices

Buzz Platform:

Canvas Platform:

Schoology Platform:

Recorded Webinars - Professional Development

(1) Collaborating with Learning Coaches

  • Tips for supporting families
  • Establishing a plan

(2) Supporting Families with Orientations

  • Tips for hosting a successful orientation
  • Learning Coach Resource Site
  • Although it shows the Buzz LMS, concepts can be adapted for other LMSs.

(3) Student Motivation

  • Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation
  • Realistic Evaluation
  • Your Actions Matter
  • Communication & Tracking

(4) Synchronous Session Techniques