Getting started on the Accelerate Learning Management System.

We suggest bookmarking all commonly used resource guides within your browser bookmark bar for easy access.

  • Administrator Quick Start Checklist -This checklist is designed to support administrators at the start of each semester. It guides administrators to all domain setup and enrollment processes.
  • Complete User Guide for Administrators  – this guide contains directions for the most common administrator actions within the Buzz platform including but not limited to: Platform Navigation, Enrollment Processes, Course Section Management, Enrollment Management, and more.

User account creation and course enrollment.

Technology Questions.

  • Please reference our Technology page for answers to commonly asked questions related to technology issues.

Establishing Single Sign-On (including Google SSO).

  • Configure your domain(s) to allow students and staff to authenticate using their Google or other SIS credentials. Select here to access SSO documentation.
  • If you are establishing SSO, remember that parents (observers) who do not have a district email address will not be able to login via the same method. In these instances, parents should be advised to login via the application login instead. Download a sample how-to guide that can be customized for your program.


  • Learn about the reporting tools available to help you manage your program.

Tips for Success.

  • Identify lead/mentor teachers to provide additional support those who are teaching online for the first time.
  • Establish a forum where teachers and staff to safely share ideas and ask questions about your online learning program.
  • Create a discussion board to allow new teachers to ask questions or seek advice from more experienced online teachers, and encourage the sharing of tips, tricks, and lessons learned.

Need Help?

Administrators who have already completed their initial Administrator Training may sign up for an additional support session with a member of our Client Services team. Select here to register.

Curriculum Overview.

Instructional Services from Accelerate

Accelerate Education teachers facilitate student learning by providing direct instructional support throughout the learning process. Teachers are highly qualified and certified/licensed in the subjects they teach, and most have been teaching online for years and therefore understand the proactive role required to help students succeed online.  The documents below provide information on how to request an Accelerate Education teacher and an overview of what to expect when using Accelerate teachers.

Requesting an Accelerate Teacher
Using Accelerate Teacher

If students have IEP or 504 Plans review the relevant document below:

Students full-time with Accelerate Education teachers
Students part-time with Accelerate Education teachers

Program Marketing and Awareness.

  • This toolkit contains valuable resources to assist Administrators when discussing Accelerate Education with prospective families. Included is a best practices guide with advice on how to increase program visibility in the community, how to attract families to your school, and how to educate them on what your program offers.