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Administrator Semester End Procedures

Target Audience: Administrators (Buzz)

Traditional schools have specific policies and procedures associated with the closing of a given grading period. The same is true when ending a semester course using a digital curriculum. At the end of each semester we host:

Primary Role of the Administrator:

  • Communicate the following to students and families:
    • Clear end date, including policy for extensions.
    • A clear policy on missing work. Will zeros be assigned?
  • Communicate the following to teachers (if using district teachers):
    • District-planned approach to the participation assignment.
    • Approach to work not completed:
      • assign zeros (default process)
      • if zeros should not be entered, teachers need to exempt those assignments prior to grading the participation assignment.
    • Deadline for completing grading within Buzz.
    • Deadline for adding grades into the school SIS (if teachers are responsible for this process).
  • Verify all students and teachers have been marked as Completed or Withdrawn from the course.
  • If the end of the year – work with Accelerate Education staff to archive courses and prep for the next year.

Using Accelerate Education Teachers:

  • A buffer of at least 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) is needed between the student’s enrollment end date and when all final grades may be posted.

    • The students’ end date is on a Tuesday.
    • Teachers have 72 hours to grade work, so all grades should be posted by end of the day Friday.
    • Although the grade-out process may occur in less time, that cannot be assumed.
  • Teachers complete the grade-out process under one of these two conditions:
    • The student submits the participation assignment.
    • The student’s end date has passed.
  • Zeros are automatically added to any assignment not completed.

Semester End Guide & Checklist:

Image and hyperling to admin semester guide

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